Nik Domotik

Une division de Sécurité IT-OT inc.
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Residential prices with a VIP service

All included. Security, structured cabling, domotic, reverse engineering, and more


We can help with all platforms. Emails, synchronization, audio, video, multimedia, sharing, ...

Quality service

Don't be surprised: White gloves, plastic protector, vacuum, shoes over-covers. We will take care of everything.


All in one: Zigbee, Z-Wave, WIFI, Bluetooth, IR and RF

Our equipment can be integrated into a lot of technologies: Zigbee, Z-Wave, WIFI, Infrared, Radio Frequencies. The only limit is your imagination.

Start small and grow big

The platform can be evolving so if you have a tight budget, start with the basic than add more when needed.

Return on investment

Our equipment are the lowest cost of all. We are manufacture and wholesaler so the return of the investment will be done in no time.

No hidden fees

How much are our services? Less than your favorite car repair shop: 85$ an hour. Can't be clearer than that!

Our priority is security

We install all our equipment with the good practices from banking and government standards. Furthermore, we can give you a report proving our words.

Fast and efficient

We are not far away from you so call us or see at the bottom to send us an email .We don't bite usually 😉


Our products were chosen for their energy saving potential and they will pay themselves.

Opened calendar

Click here to see our availabilities. (under construction)


The system can work when there is outages. Eventmore, if the controller is replaced, it will download all settings from the cloud.

Online estimate

Our online tool will estimate the cost based on your need and type of residence.

Custom Tailoring platform

In most cases, we integrate our equipment to yours. Got already an alarm system? That's great! We will enhance it and will become one part of the platform.

Recent projects

Bande LED RGBW sur mesure

Bathroom with LED strip.

It can be dimmed and colors changed as wished with your cellphone. It can even show you the outside temperature.

Other colors

Call colors can be created since the strips are RGBW.

Aeon Labs AL001

Touch switch

Modern look and silk! Can be dimmed.

2GIG CT100 Thermostat Intelligent

Thermostat intelligent

When we say intelligent, we mean BRIGHT; BRILLIANT! The thermostat knows when the house is occupied and will take action based on outside temperature and other parameters.



Nicholas-Karl Clement

Heureux propriétaire d'une maison intelligente. Je suis propriétaire de Sécurité IT-OT et de sa division Domotic Domotique.

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